What Are Remote Presence Services?

We use the term Remote Presence to illustrate that our physicians are located Remotely, usually in their home and the facility has access to their Presence via telemedicine technology. We call it “Beaming In”.

We are a group of experienced, board certified Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine physicians that concentrate on bringing our specialty to the bedside of your facility. We monitor data and work to improve quality measures, but our main goal is to provide bedside care to your patient.

Services We Offer

  • TeleICU/Intensivist Coverage
  • TelePulmonary Coverage
  • Proactive Patient Rounding and Monitoring
  • Reactive Consultative Services
  • Emergency Room Consults
  • COVID Specific Care and Coverage

How can Telemedicine services benefit your facility?

RPPS & RCCS provides the platform to improve healthcare and increase hospital revenue and profitability.

  • More revenue streams
  • Keep sicker patients
  • Better patient experience and ratings
  • Staff retention
  • Consumer confidence in your facility