Who Is Robotic Critical Care Services?

Robotic Critical Care Services is the national leader in Tele-ICU and Tele-Pulmonary care.  Having started in one state with a few providers, we now have one of the largest tele-intensivist groups in the United States.  We have providers licensed in 30 states and provide care at over 30 facilities. We are the trusted partner of hospitals, staffing firms and technology companies to provide care for their patients. Contact us today for how we can deliver industry best care in your facility today.

The RCCS Advantage

  • Experts At Virtual Care - Our providers are experts at delivering remote care. Whether your facility has no experience at telehealth or robust programs, we will be able to partner with your site to deliver best of class care.
  • Technology Agnostic – At RCCS we are not a technology company. We are a physician group that leverages cutting edge technology to deliver care. We will work with your facility and your preference of technologies to get the job done. Don’t have an in house telemedicine solution? No problem! We’ll work with your IT team to find a solution that fits your specific needs.
  • No Middle Man – At RCCS, we employee our own physicians. We can contract directly with your facility and eliminate costly markups and develop a true partnership between our teams.

Why Robotic Critical Care Services?

We understand you may have different Telemedicine options. What sets RPPS & RCCS apart?

First, we help our clients look at their facilities in a different way. Many facilities view themselves as outbound referral centers… just a cog in the “spoke and wheel” model. Unfortunately, this means that other facilities are benefiting from your potential revenue streams and patients suffer from having to travel for care.

Most of your mission statements are about serving your community. Are you serving your community by referring a service line out? Especially, when there is a safe and most likely better solution to keep those patients in your community.

The community loses confidence in their facilities when services are referred out. Family members have a difficult time visiting their loved ones. And facilities, miss out on taking care of patients that can easily be cared for at their facility.

RCCS asks you questions that you did not know to ask. For example, what are you doing with your post cardiac arrest patients, can you provide therapeutic hypothermia? Can you provide ventilator management to patients at your facility? Do you need to transfer out Covid-19 patients? If your facility is struggling with these questions, talk to RCCS about how we can partner on innovative care delivery that allows you to care for more patients in house.